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Please visit our Pharmacy Locator to search a complete listing of Granite Alliance’s network pharmacies. A pharmacy is considered in-network when we have made arrangements with them to provide prescription drugs to plan members. Once you fill a prescription at one pharmacy, you are not required to continue going to that same pharmacy. You may switch to another in-network pharmacy. Your medications may not be covered if you do not go to a pharmacy that is in-network. For additional information on your benefits please review your Evidence of Coverage.

Pharmacies may be added or removed from our network during the plan year. We update the Pharmacy Locator tool each month to ensure you are always viewing the most current information.

2021 Pharmacy Locator

Aside from Retail Pharmacy locations there are several other types of pharmacies available based on your needs. You can contact us at 855-586-2573 (TTY: 711) for more information on any of these types of pharmacies.

Mail Order Pharmacies

You can get prescription drugs shipped to your home through our network mail order delivery program. For refills of your mail order prescriptions, please contact us 20 days before you think the drugs you have on hand will run out to make sure your next order is shipped to you in time. Typically, you should expect to receive your prescription drugs within 14 days from the time that the mail order pharmacy receives the order. Please call us if you do not receive your prescription drug(s) within this time.

Home Infusion Pharmacies

Granite Alliance Insurance Company (PDP) only covers the cost of prescription drugs obtained from home infusion pharmacies. We do not cover other costs associated with home infusion pharmacy services, such as nursing services and home infusion medical supplies. These services may be covered under your medical insurance benefits.

Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Residents of a long-term care facility may access their prescription drugs covered under Granite Alliance through their facility's long-term care pharmacy or another network long-term care pharmacy.

Indian Health Service / Tribal / Urban Indian Health Program (ITU) Pharmacies

Only Native Americans and Alaska Natives have access to Indian Health Service / Tribal / Urban Indian Health Program (ITU) Pharmacies through Granite Alliance's pharmacy network. Those other than Native Americans and Alaskan Natives may be able to access these pharmacies under limited circumstances (e.g., emergencies).

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Granite Alliance Insurance Company is a Medicare-approved Prescription Drug Plan. Enrollment in Granite Alliance depends on contract renewal.

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