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Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

Every year, millions of Medicare dollars are lost as a result of Fraud, Waste or Abuse. Such activity could have a major impact to the quality of benefit Medicare is able to provide to you and other Medicare members.

What are some examples of Medicare Fraud, Waste or Abuse?

  • A pharmacy bills for medications you never received.
  • Someone uses your prescription drug card to obtain medications.
  • Prescription “stock piling”. (i.e. re-ordering prescriptions before you need them)
  • Pharmacy bills Granite Alliance for medication “x” and knowingly gives you medication “y” instead.
  • Your physician writes a prescription for you to take a medication two times a day but verbally tells you to take it once a day to make the supply last longer.
  • A company offers a Medicare drug plan that has not been approved by Medicare.
  • A company uses false information to mislead you into joining a Medicare drug plan.

To prevent Fraud, Waste or Abuse, Granite Alliance has a Compliance Department comprised of specialists trained to investigate, identify and resolve these cases.

If you suspect any Medicare Fraud, Waste or Abuse, here is how you can report it:

By Phone


By Email


Website content was last updated on 1/20/2021.

Granite Alliance Insurance Company is a Medicare-approved Prescription Drug Plan. Enrollment in Granite Alliance depends on contract renewal.

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